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Step™ is a 100% natural blend that gives adult smokers a similar satisfaction, taste and smoking experience as tobacco cigarettes, without containing any tobacco or nicotine.

What are Step™ cigarettes?

What's inside a Step™ Cigarette?

Step™ cigarettes are made from a proprietary blend of taro leaves and botanicals. Taro is a  fully edible plant native to Southeast Asia, the leaves of which have traditionally been smoked. When combined in the right proportions, the taro and botanicals blend provides a kick, taste and sense of satisfaction similar to a traditional cigarette. There is NO tobacco, nicotine, cannabinoids, THC, or hemp.

What does Step™ stand for?

Step™ stands for satisfaction, taste, experience, price. Step™ cigarettes ensure satisfaction when you take a couple drag and feel that easy going kick. Step™ cigarettes provide taste that is familiar to every cigarette smoker. Step™ cigarettes replicates the experience of traditional cigarettes without any tobacco or nicotine. Step™ cigarettes are the best priced cigarettes on the market because this 100% natural blend tastes and feels just like cigarettes but costs less because it contains no tobacco or nicotine.

We asked tobacco cigarette smokers to try Step™ and give their honest feedback

What's it like to smoke Step™ cigarettes?

Kevin Y.

The smoke is quite nice. Just like a cigarette.

Artemis D.

These are good. I like the taste and I am satisfied like I just smoked any other cigarette.

Tracy Z.

I can't believe there is no tobacco in this! Feels like I'm smoking a menthol.


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