What's the difference between Step Cigarettes and clove cigarettes?

The main difference between Step Cigarettes and clove cigarettes lies in their composition and overall characteristics:

Step Cigarettes:

  • Composition: Contain a proprietary blend of taro leaves, without any tobacco or cloves.
  • Flavor: Have a traditional tobacco flavor, possibly with other added flavors depending on the specific version. For example Green packs have a cooling menthol taste.
  • Nicotine content: Does not contain nicotine.
  • Taste: Tastes just like a tobacco cigarette without any tobacco components.
  • Appearance: Similar to regular cigarettes, with white paper filters.
  • Legality: Legal to sell and purchase in most countries, including every state in the United States.

Clove Cigarettes:

  • Composition: Contain a blend of tobacco and ground cloves, typically 60-80% tobacco and 20-40% cloves.
  • Flavor: Have a distinct clove taste that masks the harshness of the tobacco. May also have other added flavors.
  • Nicotine content: Can be higher than in regular cigarettes, especially in certain brands.
  • Taste: Less harsh and more palatable than regular cigarettes for some people.
  • Appearance: Often have brown paper filters or no filters at all.
  • Legality: Banned from sale and purchase in the United States since 2009 due to concerns about their appeal to minors and potential health risks.

Some additional key differences:

  • Health risks: Both Step and clove cigarettes use combustion to smoke it which is harmful to inhale. The main difference is that Step does not contain any tobacco, so there is no nicotine. Clove cigarettes do contain tobacco which is associated with harm more than many herbal blends. 
  • Cultural associations: Step cigarettes are generally associated with mainstream smoking culture. Clove cigarettes, due to their unique flavor and historical popularity in certain communities, sometimes hold cultural significance within specific groups.

It's important to remember that both Step and clove cigarettes both create combustion, despite any perceived differences in their taste or composition. Smoking in any form carries significant health risks, and quitting is the best choice for protecting your health.

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